Monday, January 21, 2008


Holidays are over unfortunately and I am back to my regular routine. I cannot complain though, my days were really full of fun…
o I have traveled (virtually) to Berlin – we used the “Hallo aus Berlin” video and continued googling on the Internet searching for info and pictures and planning a really interesting trip

o I’ve heard my fortune told (as part of an exercise using future tenses!!!) It’s really fun to hear what the others think of you!!

o I have played Pictionary ( This was a lot of fun and can be used in all kinds of classes, no matter the level or the language)

o I have been dancing and singing with my younger students (using music and TPR) – a bit of exercise can only do good!!

o And last but not least I have celebrated my students’ success on the Proficiency exam! Bravo girls!!

My students and I are working on a new project at the moment - Our subject this time is “School” and everything that has to do with it!

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Alexandros^ said...

That's really great! It seems you are really enjoying life! Now regarding the project don't give it to my daughter. Her opinion regarding public education and public schools well, it’s not positive at all! And it makes feel sad. I mean my daughter is full of energy and likes reading a lot! How come the school books and the school lessons are so boring and meaningless?