Sunday, January 20, 2008

Language Portfolio

When I first heard of that word I just asked myself “What is that and how can it help me in my teaching?”
I quickly realized that I’ve been doing that already without even noticing it!
The idea is to gather some of the students’ best work: compositions, projects, videos, recordings in a file in order to see the progress of the students or the class.
This can be very helpful for the teacher but for the students and parents as well!
As I mentioned before, teachers can see the students’ progress. This is also assistance to the new teacher who can easily plan his/her steps just looking at the class’ former work and according to the students’ level.
Moreover this can be an advantage to the students. They can collect their work, things they are really proud of creating.
Parents have the chance to see the learning development of their children and get to trust the teacher.
You can make your own class portfolio or get some ideas from the following links:

(Notes from a seminar held by Olha Madylus – my teacher trainer and by googling!!!)

I have kept a "seminar journal" on another page but since I am closing that account, I thought I could re-post some of it over here)

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