Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dyslexia (Goethe Institut Seminar, Part 6)

Dyslexia is the most common cause of learning difficulties for children at school.
Individuals with dyslexia have usually difficulty in writing and spelling, sometimes in reading and numbers as well.
Sometimes it is referred as “Letter-blindness” (comparing the condition with color blindness, when a person cannot distinguish colors)
As a result, a child with dyslexia feels discouraged, when he/she cannot follow the pace of his/her schoolmates and this causes lack of confidence.

On the contrary, in most cases, a dyslexic child can succeed at school, almost as well as his/her classmates.

Famous dyslexics
Tom Cruise
Thomas Edison
Pablo Picasso
Hans Christian Anderson
Leonardo Da Vinci
Winston Churchill
Alexander Graham Bell
Henry Ford
And many more

Symptoms of dyslexia
If your child:
- skips words
- guesses words
- reads slowly
- does not understand what he/she reads
- writes slowly
- writes numbers or letters backwards
- makes many mistakes
- has a hard time keeping notes
- does not understand simple mathematical concepts
- cannot learn the primer of arithmetic
- fidgets or moves items when studying
- daydreams
- is slow performing any task or homework
- cannot concentrate for long
Then you should ask for help

For more information: (in Greek)


maria_pin said...

Don't forget Jamie Oliver, who is never too tired to recall how he was branded "special needs" at school- but he did ok, didn't he?

Here in the UK we get special training on Dyslexia and other conditions, if we are to support or teach children at school.

I don't know much about Greek education these days, but I hope there is support.

Very Interesting post!

Anastasia Marou said...

Can you believe that I spotted 3 dyslexic students at my school (ages 8-9) when I see them only twice a week ? What are the teachers at the elementary school doing when they see these children for at least 5 hours every day !

Nikos said...

Boy oh Boy, I have such a long long time to visit this blog of urs.

About dyslexia... all you need is a good teacher to find out about ur dyslexia! And I agree with Anastasia, I have mates from school who found out about their dyslexia in the university! Teachers should be more careful so as the child gets the support it needs.