Monday, November 12, 2007

Dancing in the classroom? (Goethe Institut seminar, part 3)

This was a very interesting worrkshop by Mrs Vavatzanidis (Goethe Institut Thessaloniki). The specific programm is called LingoTech and was developed by a German teacher, Uwe Kind.
He gives "interactive" concerts - combining music, language, pantomime and gestures.
It can be very interesting and a lot of fun for all ages, especially for children and teenagers
Teachers can turn their classroom into an orchestra, using rhythmic movements, gestures and body language.

You can find CD's for English, German and Spanish.
For more information about the CD's and workshops:

I came across this video with students to give you an idea...

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Great idea Theodora mou! I do something similar with my Junior A to consolidate the alphabet. I play "The Zany Zoo" (alphabet song) we sing along and dance to the music. The good thing is that I have a big classroom so there's a lot of space to dance. I find this method more popular with ages 7-12. Most of my teens are too shy to sing or dance !