Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Years gone by...

Sometimes I just wonder how quickly time passes. I realized it today. I had my first lesson with Alex. I hadn't seen him for 3-4 years since they moved from the neighbourhood and it was too far for both of us to go to eachother's homes.
Things changed though and we're back having lessons again!

This is Alex 5 years ago!

And this is Alex now!!
Can you imagine how I felt when I saw him? Time passes and we think we stay the same... But we don't! We can see it in our kids but why can't we see it on ourselves?
Well I'm taking this opportunity to thank all the students and their parents who have not forgotten me over the years and still trust me with their kids!


Jenny said...

I know what you mean about the time. Last year the son "Janni" of our friends got 14 years old. And then I remembered that he was 14 days old when I hold him for the first time on my arm and me I was 14 years old!
Hugs, Jenny

efi said...

Let it be Theodora..let it be!
we change and as we grow older we think that we are the same!

Anastasia Marou said...

I know the feeling, Theodora. Just imagine ! Children grow up so fast! When I walked into one of my classes - my Higher Intermediate - class D - I looked at one of the boys and said : "Oh!! We've got a new student here !" . The boy laughed and said : "Miss, I'm Tassos !" Now, just a minute ! I've had him in my class since he was 8. Now he is 14! He has had his hair highlighted, and ...his left ear pierced ! And compared to last year, he is taller than me ! And much thinner !