Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oktoberfest in Thessaloniki

As many of you know, Oktoberfest in Germany is a celebration of beer. It is a very "famous" event in Munich, but wherever Germans are, the celebration goes on!!

The German school of Thessaloniki has been organizing this event for many years now, with lots of beer, snacks and live music.

This year the weather was wonderful and I convinced my husband to come!

Here's the happy family!

As you can see, a lot of people had the same idea and they actually found a table to sit!!

I invited my best friends to come along. Well, when I told them it would be a German celebration, they were a bit reluctant, but, in the end they actually enjoyed the "Tafel-lieder" (songs you sing sitting at a table drinking beer!)

I also met my students who go to the German school!

It was a very nice evening, although a bit loud! I enjoyed the bands , food and drink! A great initiative of the German school!


Anonymous said...

Pwpwpw Oktoberfest stn Thessaloniki. Koita na deis ti xanw!!! Tou xronou exoume kleisei rantebou me tn Lily sto Oktoberfest tou Monaxou. Eisai mesa? ;-)

Kalo brady kai kaln ebdomada na exeis. Filakia / Katerina

Lily said...

Xaxaxaxa, nai tha pame opwsdipote! Eilikrina to oneirevomai idi. Kai eimai kai ligaki down simera, opote an eixa mia biritsa twra kai mia gyra stin .... eurwpi tha ftiaxnomoun pistevw.

Anastasia Marou said...

Although I don't like beer very much, I've been to the Beer Festival in Munich 4 times so far and enjoyed it so much! Thanks for sharing the photos. Sounds like you had a blast !