Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Love and hate project

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I was looking for German songs the other day for my lessons and I came across this one. It’s called “Liebe und Hass” and the group is Blumentopf.

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Although the text is a bit difficult, has a lot of English words and goes too fast for my students to catch the meaning, not to mention that some lines are not exactly meant for children (as most of hip hop songs, anyway), but it gave me this idea.
The song goes: Was ich lieb (what I love)
Was ich hass (what I hate)
So, I asked my students what they love and what they hate! I videoed them and tried to do a montage with their answers…
It can be done with all levels of students - more advanced ones can explain why they love and hate the things they do.

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Anonymous said...

Toll Dora!! Gut gemacht:)
Viele Grüße von Susi