Friday, September 14, 2007

Today's lessons

Today was a full day - It was about time I started with most of my students!!
In the morning we did some videos with the girls, Juna and Artemis- it went really well! I am so happy to work with people who like trying new stuff! Thank you again for your participation girls

My next lesson was with Giorgo and Fotini (German second year) - I just printed out some games for them, it was our first lesson after owr holidays and I guess we needed the review, but why should we always do boring grammar excersises?
So I used the games from the Hueber site for the book "Planet". They have some fantastic games like memory, domino, questions and answers and much more.
It doesn't matter what book you are using, they are just great!

Next lesson with Vasiliki, 9 years old, second year English - we tried the British Council site Craig recommended. Wonderful short videos with stories, especially designed for kids and online but also printed tasks!
This time we revised "weather" and "animals" with the help of Ali and his magic carpet!

My last lesson for today - Aggeliki, taking the FCE exam this May, no time for new stuff today since we had to check the "summer" homework!!

I am so tired but really glad that the school year has started!
I don't have a regular schedule yet, but I love being with the students I chose - and have chosen me (no more school for me, hurray!!!)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hello there, Theo san

I LOVE your pictures! I envy you for having computers to work with. A normal class for me has 32~40 students; so it is not possible for me to work one-to-one with them.
Bet they just love it, uh!

What I sometimes do is, I go on in-house TV that is shown to the entire school via their TV sets. It's only a 25 mins programme, simple and fun! Songs, dances (yeah, I have to dance too lol :P ) and simple 'Please repeat after me' phrases.

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us >:D<

Anastasia Marou said...

I have decided to use Choices FCE for my Pre-IGCSE students this year. I know you don't have IGCSE in Greece. It's their first year of preparation for IGCSE and that's when they can give a go to FCE and Modern Greek GCE O Level. Just a question on the textbooks. I am currently using Choices FCE for them , yet I see little difference between Choices class D, choices class E and FCE . Fairly enough , there's more practice in Choices FCE but I'd greatly appreciate your opinion. Wishing you the very best with your new students.