Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday evening

I was at home the whole weekend ... I felt soo tired after Friday's lessons ( I am still weak from the operation, I guess I needed some more time before I went back to full time work)

But today I felt "trapped" at home so I had to go out for a walk even for a little while! So where else could we go? The pedestrian zone of Kalamaria of course!

It was surprisingly crowded today! I remember some years ago, cafes and pubs had to close early on the night of the elections... All we could do, was stay home and watch TV, but there were only these boring result anouncements and the analysis of these results!!!

So, people were gathered near their parties stands waiting patiently for the results.

This will not be needed anymore - I guess it is forgotten from last night's speech...

So, we did some window shopping, bought something to eat (no I won't put another picture of the little cheese pies again!)

And went back home! Yiannis and me say goodbye for now!!


Anonymous said...

Those are very nice pictures,i was soprised too to see the Greek people out and about,thats a good thing???a?lol well unlist you got to go out for a little bit to get some fresh air,slowly you gonna return in to the "normal"gear and you gonna fill much better.Happy to se Yannis face again.Looks like he had fan out care Theodora mou.Filakia polla

Anonymous said...

Kala bre thnrio, pote prolabes kai bgnkes eksw, ebgales fwtografies kai ekanes blog? Ftou sou na mn matiasw!! LOL. Elpizw na noiwtheis kalytera pou bgnkes eksw kai pnres ligo aera. Kalo brady na exeis kai kaln ebdomada. Filia / Katerina

Jenny said...

Glad you decided to do a little walk also you felt tired. Guess this was a good idea to get some new power. Very nice that you have taken some pictures. Of course, I love the one with the books most. LOL :-)
Love and Hugs, Jenny

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had surgery?! What was it for.. and are you ok now?? Sorry, Theo san.. I've been away from you for too long and have lost touch with what is going on in your life.

Know what, Theo san?? I'd have loved to be able to be there with you and your baby on this walk! So many things to see and to experience, and perhaps sooooo many new things for me to EAT?? :))

Slow down some, Theo san.. you too, are working too hard. Be careful, or you will start parking your car in a funny way! *grin*

Goodnight to you from Japan.. have a good week, girl friend!

efi said...

Eμείς πήγαμε στο λουνα-παρκ τη νύχτα των εκλογών!Και κοιμηθήκαμε και νωρίς..σιγά μην έβλεπα τηλεόραση!

Anastasia Marou said...

Sounds like a great outing ! Alkis lived in Kalamaria some 40 years ago ! He used to go fishing and get prawns and gavros as he didn't have enough money to get by in those days ...Naturally, he wasn't as irresistible as Yiannis !

Christine (Alitisa) said...

Operation? What operation? Why am I always the last to find out about these things, hmm?
Glad you're feeling better and out taking photos and working etc. Speaking of working....Kali Xronia!