Friday, June 22, 2007

Russian Cheesecake (By Christina)


BASE: 200gr Butter
180gr Sugar
1 Egg
400gr Flour
50gr Cocoa
1 pack of baking powder

FILLING: 150 gr Butter
125 gr Sugar
3 eggs
500 gr yoghurt

Base: First mix the butter with the sugar until the become one. Put the egg into the mix and the flour, mix it up and then put the cocoa and the baking powder. Then put the mix into the fridge.

Filling: Put the butter, the sugar and the yellow of the eggs into a bowl and mix it up. After that you stir the white of the eggs until it gets creamy. Then put the yoghurt with the mix of butter, sugar and egg whites. Stit it with a spoon slowly and after a while pour it into a bowl.

Take the half of the base and put it into the form. Pour the filling onto the base. Te base must be covered. Crumble the rest of the base and put it onto the filling.

The cheesecake goese into the overn for 50 minutes (200 C)
When it is cold you decorate it with icing sugar.

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