Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday evening

Friday night and we chose the center of Kalamaria (Pezodromos). I thought that most people would gone away for the weekend, but to my surprise, it was crowded, as on weekdays!

I met my pupil Arabella drinking her coffee with a friend! She posed alright but then wanted her picture deleted!! (she wishes!). I warned her though that she would be on my blog today!!!

We ended up at a cafe - it was time for a refreshment!

Our visit to Kalamaria ended with the traditional "tyropitakia" (little cheese pie) - I have mentioned them before in my old blog. They are delicious!!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Καλημέραααα! Φεύγω για Σπέτσες και πέρασα να ευχηθώ καλό σ/κ. Να περάσεις τέλειααααα, φιλούρες

Τέλειες και οι φωτό!! Να περάσεις σούπερ στη Χαλκιδική. Καλά μπάνιααααα


Anonymous said...

A prwi prwi exei balthei na me trellaneis. Apo tn mia fwtografies apo tn thalassa tns Xalkidikns kai apo tnv alln ta tyropotakia. Qa me anagkaseis na ta mazepsw kai na erthw stn Thessaloniki mia wra arxytera. LOL.

Kala na pernas Theodora kai xalali sou ta tyropitakia ;-)