Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thessaloniki (by Juna)

Thessalonica, Salonica ,Selanique: Thessaloniki is the second-largest city of Greece and ‘consequently’ a very busy industrial commercial and cultural centre in southern Europe.
This cultural city isn’t just well known of its Byzantine monuments, of its archaeological sites, but also of its beautiful ,’natural’ sites (Paralia etc.).But really, are these sites really ‘natural’?
We often listen to older inhabitants of Thessaloniki talking about this so called ‘imitation’ Thessalonica’s of metropolitans figure .But what are they talking about? Are they stating the obvious ,are they claiming that Thessaloniki has now lost its natural formerly beauty and is trying to gain Athens reputation of the biggest industrial commercial overcrowded and mainly polluted city of Greece?
Yes. After being compared to the metropolitan, the port and the panoramic waterfront of the car dominated Emerald city (Seattle),Thessaloniki is giving its best to build even more tightly-packed buildings, letting its last ‘natural corners’ vanish from ‘Salonica‘s’ face. Of course all these ‘compliments’ should make Thessaloniki a more famous healthy place to reside in, but at any rate, they re not warning or blaming Thessalonikians: they can keep on littering Paralia , its panoramic waterfront and driving every day even their last car so that its traffic congestion can be fairly compared to those of the biggest metropolitan cities of the world!
Thessaloniki, you’ve made it! You’re on the right way. Soon, you’ll even lose your name and will be considered as one common metropolitan dirty city of the world!

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Anastasia Marou said...

Loved reading your posting , Juna, especially because you manage to raise awareness about crucial environmental issues. Well done !