Sunday, February 25, 2007

Seminar in Goethe Institut

As I have mentioned before, I've been teaching two languages in Greece. Because of this I can compare what is offered to the teachers and students who learn a language.

And I have to say that the German Instutut in my hometown does a lot to motivate people to learn about the language and civilazation of German speaking countries.

This time ti is an exhibition called jung:de and it is all about young people in Germany. Through pictures, music and art we can discover many things about life over there.

To make it more interesting, they also organized a seminar for teachers, where we were provided with tons of materials (both in paper ans on-line) that we can use both in the exhibition and in class

I'm looking forward to visiting the exhibion with my students and we are also planning a project on that.
It's really a pity that these things don't happen in the world of EFL, at least not over here

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Kerstin said...

Great photo of you there , was the exebition good ?
I miss you on yahoo 360 .
But we keep in touch via email .

hugs tons Kerstin