Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our visit to jung:de

As planned, I visited Goethe Institut's exhibition, "jung.de"with the kids.
In the beginning of the opening ceremony we were greeted by a representative of the institute, both in German and Greek.
After that a big surprize was waiting for us. A group of capoeira dancers (Jacobina-Arte) started playing music with traditional instuments and dancing, while we were clapping following their rhythm.
Suddenly a dancer comes down off stage and asks if anybody wants to join the group! To our surpize, one of my students, Makis, comes up on the stage and show us a few moves while we are cheering and clapping!!
We continue to the exhibition room where the kids look around with interest. Of course they found more interesting the buffet with the delicious snacks and drinks that had been prepared for us!!!
It was an unforgettable evening!!!

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