Thursday, July 14, 2022

My first presentation after a while: Speak a language from the first day!

 I haven't taken part in a convention for a long long time, so when the teaching platform I work with announced that they were going to organise a web conference, I immediately jumped on the occasion and applied.

I was really happy to be accepted and I held my presentation in the beginning of the month.

So in my intro I talked about:

  • why learners, especially adults are impatient
  • some hints on how to motivate learners to understand and speak a bit of the language in the first lesson
  • how to avoid using a medium language even from the first lesson
Some chunks of language I introduced as examples were:

Introducing ourselves


Some objects and /or animals

Numbers (Finger counting)

Food (and how to order)

Since I was speaking to an international audience, I chose to use Greek as the target language and had another teacher act as a student.
It was really fun, I enjoyed it very much and I have a lot of ideas for next conventions!

you can watch it here!

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