Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Professional Development: Coursera

 Online lessons are a great way to acquire knowledge  in order to get more qualifications for your job or learn something completely new and change a career path.

I have found out recently about a site that has a vast collection of links with courses and certifications and many of them are free, so first of all here is the link to digitaldefynd.

Through this site, I discovered to very interesting courses in Coursera:

The first one is about Autism Spectrum Disorder, held by the University of California, Davis.

It consists of 5 weeks of learning covering a lot of information about the Spectrum, its diagnosis, its development in various life stages, the importance of its identification, tips on the transition into adulthood, strengths and weaknesses of people on the Autism Spectrum , sensory issues and evidenced based practises and system support. 

The course includes videos and reading material and if you get the paid version, you get tested in the end of each week and get a certificate by completion of the course.

The second course I took is Job success: Get hired or promoted in 3 steps by the State University of New York.

This is completely free, it consists of 3 Weeks' material, which I covered in a couple of days.

First of all it shows the importance of your presence in the social media and tips how to improve your image online. 

Secondly, you get tips and instruction on how to create your own CV, a traditional one and an infographic one (something that I found very interesting and I am definitely going to create on myself).

Finally in gives you tips and vocabulary in order to adequately communicate your strengths and skills. 

What I found very useful is the final task, that you have to create and post everything you have learned for evaluation and also evaluate other learners' resumes. I am looking forward to complete this task and get  and give feedback.

To be continued...

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