Thursday, August 1, 2019

Moving forward

#8weeks of summer is a wonderful blogging challenge which I discovered last year and I was looking forward to this year.
Mostly, because it gives me  a sense of purpose during the summer, when I have so much free time in my hands, sometimes it's unbearable.
What I am going to keep from this is the fact that I have seen so many wonderful new (and old ) blogs ot there, people who share their work and their aspirations and this is what blogging is all about.
Since some of the posts were planning what to do for next year, I will hope to keep in mind some of the projects I wanted to do (it also depends on what kind of studentsI will have next year) and make the best of it.
I will continue writing of course, maybe not every week, but when I have something to share.
And I know that I will always have "material" to read.
It was a wonderful challenge.
Take care everybody!

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