Wednesday, August 1, 2018

#8weeksofsummer The end

 8 weeks ago, I found out about a blog challenge for educators. It was supposed to take place during summer holiday (at least for the colleagues in the US, here in Greece we have one more full month to go.
The challenge had a prize, which I had not realised until the last week.
Taking part in a blog challenge is always something that motivates me to write. First of all I have something to write about, it saves me the trouble to actually find the subject on my own.
Secondly, since it is a challenge, there are a lot of other people taking part, so I have something to read and also I have some more readers of my blog.

Here are the questions of the challenge. They gave me food of thought. Even if you don't write or that the challenge is now over, these questions give something for every teacher to contemplate.

I have never thought of using my blog to earn money or actually win a competition. 
But to my surprise, I did!
I won 100$ to buy anything I wanted on Amazon!

 To your surprise, I didn't buy books or teacher stuff.
I bought shoes. Trainers tore more exact.
Because I saw it as a chance to challenge myself a bit more and set new goals.

A bit thank you to Penny Christensen for organising this wonderful challenge!! Promise to be there next year!!

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