Monday, June 11, 2018

Reflecting on the past school year, what is your biggest area for professional growth going into next school

This post is week 1 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators. 
The past school year was a real challenge for me. I was back in square one, since I had been working at a company, in an office creating material for the last 3 years, so I had stopped teaching as a full time job.
I never actually stopped teaching. I have always had some private students. But last September I HAD go back to teaching exclusively.
So, I took up everything that came to me, I didn't afford to be selective.
This meant that I taught both German and English, children and adults, exam preparation and business English and also a couple of children's classes and a group of university students. I've taught face to face and on Skype.
Lots of preparation for everything and everybody. Imagine that I had to prepare students for 9 different exams.
I learned terminology vocabulary about medicine, about recycling plants, about the law...
I researched kinaesthetic games for 5 year olds and computer games for teenagers.
One thing I've learned this year is "Never take your knowledge for granted". In Greece we have a saying: "I'm getting older while being taught all the time".
The year to come, I will keep learning.
Keep learning about:

  • social media and how to use them in order to advance my teaching
  • making short films with my students (begin a new project maybe"
  • learn more about different professions' vocabulary
  • learn a new language and be in my student's shoes
  • experiment on online platforms and expand my skills on online teaching
So that was my first post of this challenge!! Can't wait to write for the next one!

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