Thursday, April 5, 2018

Social Media Course on Future Learn

I consider myself very lucky to be able to attend courses on various subjects, especially the ones that do not have to do directly with my "job". In my opinion, though, we should be versatile, acquire new skills, because you never know when you will need them.
I have always been active on social media and have been following influencers, trying to find our more about how we can "sell" ourselves and try to use media in order to promote our work. 
Since March, I am the new Social Media Manager at TESOL Macedonia Thrace, which is  the local Teacher Association in Northern Greece, so I thought I should try and although I have been successful so far, I wanted to get to know more and enhance my abilities in both advertising the Association as well as my professional self. I am not stopping here of course. The learning continues....
#keepmoving #keeplearning

Learning outcomes

  • Explain what Social Media is
  • Describe how it can be used to build a brand
  • Explain what target groups are
  • Identify social media channels
  • Explain tips for messaging
  • Describe the role of a Social Media Manager
  • Identify Social Media Management tools


Week 1
  • What is social media?
  • Target groups
  • Social media channels
  • Managing your social media presence
  • Social media management tools
Week 2
  • Social media top tips
  • The importance of performance measurement
  • Social media listening

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