Thursday, March 8, 2018

Guest teaching day 2

Another wonderful opportunity to work with children!
This week I used material from the British Council site Learn English Kids.
The older ones watched Shakespeare's Midsummer's dream, did the activities that followed online and talked about the play.

The younger ones watched Ali and the magic carpet. The specific story is about weather conditions. We explained vocabulary and there were some wonderful online and worksheet activities.

To make it a bit more interesting, I printed some phrases from the video,  cut the words and created a running game for the kids. They were separated in 3 teams, one of them had to run, find the suitable words to make a sentence, go back to their team and create the sentence. When the sentences were ready, they had to connect them to a topic word. For example: This place is hot and dry - desert.

The youngest ones played running dictation with a text from their books.

 It is really interesting that young children want to be up all day, so instead of reading the exercises from their book, I told them to run around and tell me in turns the correct answers, which were shown in the interactive board.

In the end, we practised colours. First we used a soft ball to revise (a ball is always a good way to revise vocabulary) and then we played colour dictation. I used a sample of the Starters booklet of the Cambridge British Council exams, but any colouring worksheet will do.

It's always a pleasure creating new games for the kids! I get even more enthusiastic than them!!!
Thank's again Ms Psarra for giving me the chance to explore more opportunities of learning!

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