Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Keep educating (yourself)

Continuous learning does not have to do with the fact that I am a teacher.
It probably has to do with the fact that I am a curious person who never rests.
So here are some courses that I find interesting lately.

  • First of all, I believe that I am blessed that I have discovered Future Learn. I like it more than other platforms, it is easy to use, you don't have a strict time limit, it's free and you can obtain a certificate if you want.
There are so many categories to choose from:

I started using Future learn to learn languages, actually to refresh my Dutch and my Spanish and since I loved it, I continued with Frisian and thinking of starting basic Italian. I am not actually fond of Romance languages, but since my visit to Sicily and that fact that I got lost several times not being able to communicate, made me change my mind!
Other interesting courses that I have taken from this platform, was Understanding IELTS (when I first stated teaching IELTS, this was a BIG help), Blended Learning (again, it opened my eyes in ways in my teaching), Translation and last but not least, Understanding Autism.
Finding out about Autism again opened a bond new world in front of me, since I have been around autistic students and this has helped me a lot to understand how my behaviour towards people in the autistic spectrum should be.
My next future learn courses will have to do with mindfulness and psychology.

A very interesting subject that helps us reduce stress and be aware of ourselves and our needs.

  • What I also adore and use when I have even a few minutes free time, is Duolingo. I used to "play" a lot when I started Spanish, but now I moved to a more challenging language for me, Turkish! 

One more site I would like to recommend is iTDi, which offers a variety of courses for teachers. Although they are paid courses, the fee is affordable and you have the chance to be taught by internationally renowned professors and teachers with vast experience.
You can join next month's Learning to Teach (better) with Penny Ur. 

iTDi also offers Stephen Krashen's course recording "The path to academic English" for free!

So I guess, that would be my recommendations for this fall.
More to come...

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