Friday, June 9, 2017

My guys....

Our latest professional photoshoot

Well, I know, it's been a while since I last wrote on my teaching blog.
Honestly, I felt that my creativity has drained during these last months. I was sooooo tired, I didn't want to start a new project, I had no ideas to start a new project, all I did was work work work and work.
professional photoshoot with Konstantina

My teaching work was reduced, I only had students taking language exams and this meant  - tests, tests and more tests (with a twist of music, literature and dreaming of projects, but still).
And then it hit me.
What does a student - teacher relationship mean to me anyway?
I have to confess that my students were / are never really just students.
I have always had a closer relationship with my kids. It was not just go to the lesson open the book and then go home.
It has always been more.
I don't know why, but most of my students have confided in me, we had fun together, we had endless talks about everything, and most of all we had fun!
An maybe it was not always grammar, vocabulary and exams.

On the ari project at the city harbor

 It has been projects - to my surprise kids came together and although they didn't know each other, we managed to be a great team and had wonderful results and lots and lots of fun!

Watching a movie, eating ice-cream

We have watched movies together, we have gone out together, we have done so many crazy things.
Christmas movie party

break from the 8 project
Goth make up day
ice skating in Leverkusen (and lots of Gluhwein!)
Goethe Institut brezel celebration

Hip Hop im Deutschunterricht seminar

Day of colors

Beer time

Coffee time with my guys and girl!

I have so many photos and so many memories and most of all, I have shared love.
Students are not just clients. They are people. People I respect and love.
A big thank you for all the love I receive every year from my old and new students but also for the trust of their parents.
I am always here for you guys! For better and for worse!
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