Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Xmas2016: Students' stories: Steve's elves and salesmen

Day 6: My student Steve stated that he would never be able to write a story with more than 120 words! So I challenged him!

I gave him 10 words. 4 of them were Christmas words: minced pies, gingerbread man, elf and reindeer. The other 6 words were random (C1-C2 level CEFR): salesman (influenced by yesterday's story), anticipate, pursue, imaginary, disapproval, upwards.

Here is the result!

So very proud! :) 

Christmas Adventures!


Once upon a time there was a really strange elf that liked to make minced pies

His neighbor was a salesman who made gingerbread- men every day. The elf and the salesman were very good friends and every morning they visited one another and brought their pastry-creations to each other. 

One morning the elf was anticipating the salesman with his cookies, but he didn’t show up. He disappeared! He left because he wanted to pursue his personal dreams. He wanted to see Santa’s reindeer and find Santa’s secret location. 

The elf was very sad because his best friend left him alone and he wanted to follow him to the secret location of Santa’s village.
The elf noticed that the salesman had left footprints all over the snow and went after them and found the salesman outside a cave, hungry and thirsty. 

Thank God he had brought minced pies and milk with him in case he needed them. He gave the food and drink to his friend and the salesman felt better.
Together they continued searching for Santa’s secret village.

All of a sudden they saw an imaginary village. They run towards the village and in front of them was Santa’s house. They rang the bell and Santa came out. Santa welcomed them in but he was angry with the salesman and showed his disapproval because he had left his friend, the elf, behind.
The salesman apologized for his action and admitted that if it weren’t for his friend, he would be dead by now. So Santa forgave them and took them with him on his sleigh. 

The sleigh with the reindeer went upwards on the sky and they all set off to give presents to the children.
The salesman and the elf opened their eyes and found themselves at home. Was it a dream? Who knows?
Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas!

by Steve Fotopoulos

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