Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Xmas 2016: Crafting with Dimitra

-->  Day 13 1/2 : Going to Farsala to craft with Dimitra! So wear your artistic mood and enjoy!

So, it is Christmas! 

It is without a doubt the most amazing time of the year for loads of people around the world. Every city buzzes with activities and revelers are keeping up the celebrating pulse high, days before the actual day. Bustling streets and well-known shops wear their exquisitely golden, glittering ornaments, trying to get all of us into Christmas spirit. To be honest!

They have managed once again to create a mysterious yet magic atmosphere. Is it about time we should do something about it?? I guess we are all willing to put some effort on waking up the artistic side of us, which indeed was well-hidden inside us throughout the year. Let’s start crafting! Basically, it is not as difficult as it may seem. Just add lots of creativity and use your infinite imagination! You are a teacher! 

Who else can have more than you? Think how many times you had to improvise during difficult working days. In fact, there are plenty simple things around us, ready to be transformed into little priceless pieces of Art. In other words, there is no need to spend valuable time searching for the appropriate shops or driving miles to get to them or spend your money on expensive decorations. Take a big breath…and think! Take a good look around you. Go to a nature walk! 

Not having enough free time for a small escape? Then, allow yourself a few minutes to go for a walk to the nearest park. To your surprise, you will find out that numerous simple and beautiful things that nature generously has been giving us for all this time can be your piece of artwork. Search for anything that will stir your attention. 


For instance, a branch of a tree that was probably, accidentally left aside by the city park cleaners. Collect some yellowish leaves from the plane trees, some acorns or even small tree trunks. Afterwards, find yourself to the nearest bookshop (this is your natural place isn’t it?) and purchase some glue and lots of glitter! Putting them together is the most entertaining part (why don’t you invite some friends for some teamwork ?) . The result will reward you, believe me. What is the most important is that you must bear in mind that you should relish every moment of making your artistic, magic craft. Either small or great, it is yours. It is your own creation and do not forget that it is unique because you have put your Soul and so much Love in it. That is Christmas after all….


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