Saturday, December 31, 2016

Then, now and after...

When I said that I would write in the last day of the year, I didn’t really know what I was going to write about. I felt really adventurous. But then again, isn’t it how we are supposed to be when we think about our future?
A lot of things have happened in the year that passed.
Opportunities, lots of hard work and effort, lots of joys, lots of struggle, no personal time at all…
Last year I had the opportunity to fulfill a lot of my dreams or 2016 resolutions.
Working as a teacher trainer has given me the chance to do a lot of research, to learn new things while teaching, to meet new wonderful teachers around the country and abroad and share ideas, lesson plans and good mood.
I had the chance to create my own material (which actually would be sold to clients and not only used by my students), learn new skills, work online and offline, give presentations, take part in conventions and wonderful teacher initiatives.
I went abroad both as a teacher trainer and as a yoga instructor - this last thing I never expected in my life...maybe this will give me the chance to find another professional path for the future?
And no, I am not just talking about my adventures to brag. I am sure that each one of us has their own professional and personal adventures, achievements and stories.
It’s December, it’s the end of the year.
So for me it’s time to make a list  - I love lists by the way.
What have I done this year?
What was good? What was bad?
Have I achieved everything I wanted? What fell behind?
How do I feel about it?
Yes, there were and still are a lot of negative things that happened during this past year.
Sometimes I wasn’t careful, sometimes it was not up to me.That’s life.
I am still trying to fix things. And I will. Or at least I’ll try.
So I am setting a task for myself for the next year. Like I do every year.
Some people call this New Year’s resolutions, I call them life goals.
Another list.
What’s important?  
What is your wildest, most far-fetched dream?
This is what you have to go after.
Dream, plan and just go for it!
From the bottom of my heart I wish you people a wonderful New Year!

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