Thursday, November 24, 2016

Keep evolving

I don't usually talk about students, but this is something that I have been wanting to share for a long time now.
I met my student Athanasia a couple of years ago. Her name means 'immortality' in Greek by the way, which I find really impressing.
She was a little girl back then - couldn't speak or understand English that well, although she had attended English classes before. She had to miss classes at some point, so when she returned to the language school, she could just not keep up. Naturally this discouraged her and lost her interest in continuing with her English studies. Lots of problems in grammar, very weak vocabulary, hesitation to talk, very simple sentences in her writing tasks.
A very sweet girl with ethos, kindness and respect and very serious. Maths lover, music and dance lover.
Of course, I have to say that however the students are I always manage to turn them into crazy people like me (just kidding)
So we started our lessons. First year not much of progress - although I was not focusing on grammar that much as communicative skills.
Second year was a "boom'!! Athanasia was communication wonderfully in spoken and written speech, understanding almost everything she was reading / listening.

This year I had the luck to have my dear friend Anne visiting, so it was really wonderful to have her as a guest in my lesson with Athanasia. I could not believe my eyes - the communication was excellent! She was talking, joking and having a good time all in English. And this has nothing to do with language exams. And it shouldn't have to be.
It is a wonderful feeling to see how some people evolve over the years with the right kind of approach.

My dear Athanasia I wish you keep up with what you are doing because you are doing it well!

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