Sunday, November 29, 2015

My ELT Blog Challenge

Inspired by Lizzie Pinard's blog, I thought it would be a good idea to commend on the ELT books or blogs/ sites/ articles I come across.
My bookcase is full of books I have ( or I haven't) read and I also found a wonderful collections of books at my office, which I can borrow and try out new ideas.
The first book that came to my hands was 'The diary of a language teacher" by Joachim Appel (Heineman)

It describes the efforts of a teacher trying to hang in there, at a state school in Germany.
I loved the fact that it is not a strict methodology book with theories.
It is a journey. A journey full of ideas and reflections of how it went,
What impresses me the most is that it is divided in three parts:
And I know that this reminds us all how we started and what we did to develop as teachers and as people.
When you graduate from school, you are never prepared of what you are going to face in your first job.
We face challenges and try to overcome any obstacles. Experiment ourselves with different techniques and ideas. Keep the good ones and get rid (or improve) of the ones that did not work out.
Highly recommended for new teachers, but also for us who have been teaching for a while. A chance to remember that we should never stop developing and learning new things.

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