Sunday, August 23, 2015

#30Goals: Get them moving!

When I saw this goal, I thought to myself, ok this is me! Being a kinaesthetic person, I always try to get my students move.
I have been trying to have at least one movement activity that has to do with language, miming, games with running, balls, coordination, even singing.
One example of German teaching vocabulary is this song:
I got this song from Uwe Kind, who has dedicated his life to give movement, dancing and singing in German (and other languages as well)
I also had the luck to present a movement project at the TESOL Macedonia Thrace Convention this year, together with my wonderful trainers, Nick Maragkos and Penelope Tourtourea, proposing activities combining movement and language:
  • Vocabulary activity throwing a ball to each other, where the player who has the ball has to name a word that has to do with the theme. For example, if you have the theme "environment" in your cycle, some of the words to call are "recycling", "pollution" , "rain forest" e.t.c.
  • Running game: one player runs a distance gets a balloon which contains a jumbled phrase, goes back to their team, burst the balloon, find the pieces of the phrase and put them together! Great fun! Works great with idioms and grammar rules!

  • Running dictation game or should I say: Relay. Students get a small text and have to memorize it in a few seconds, they run to find their partner, write the text on their partner's back and it goes on!!

  • Direction game (blindfolded if you wish). You give your students a map, one is giving directions to the other! And off you go!
Movement is a great way to have fun and your students will remember everything they have learned!
You can adjust everything to fit your classroom if you can't get outside!

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Ayat Tawel said...

I love kinesthetic activities. I use running dictation a lot, but will try the balloon ones .. sound exciting. Thank you for the inspiration .. good luck :)