Friday, May 1, 2015

Let's Roll the Dice - Games with Dice for Young Learners - Guest Post by Vicky Loras

It's a great honour to have the one and only Vicky Loras write a guest post for my blog!! Enjoy!!!


Games with Dice for Young Learners

A few years ago, I saw a few teachers from Canada discussing story cubes. Up to then, I had no idea what they were, nor how they were used. Then they explained, after my asking them, that they were using a specific brand of story cubes to help their students develop their storytelling skills.
One brand I later on used myself (not advertising them here, there are many kinds but mentioning which ones I use) are Rory’s Story Cubes. There are many kinds: action, voyages and so on. Each box has 9 dice, which in turn have pictures on every side. The kids take them, shake them and throw them on a surface, a table, the floor and depending on which pictures land face up, they then have to make up a story, either orally or even written! They absolutely LOVE them! The stories they come up with are so cute and funny – sometimes dramatic…with a funny ending which crack us all up! The important thing is that they learn through having fun. They practise vocabulary, grammar, everything.
If you do not want to buy them, another even more creative idea would be to make your own. There are a lot of free templates online. Then you can download them print them on heavy paper and have the kids draw their own pictures on them. A colleague, Evridiki Dakos wraps them in clear tape to laminate them – and she makes big ones out of carton boxes!
The possibilities are endless. Have fun

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