Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Convention aftermath

March is coming to an end, so are the conventions and the exhibitions.
It has been an exhausting month.

Preparation for the workshop, trips to Athens, reports, interviews….
The highlight of March was of course our own convention in Thessaloniki. I say “our own” because I feel like I am with my own family.
Great plenaries by Andrew Wright, Alec Williams, Marjorie Rosenberg and last but not least… Ken Wilson.

It was a great honor to be mentioned in Marjorie’s plenary and I am really grateful that my Facebook page on “trying out something new” has got so much attention!  It was just an idea that came up while chatting with my dear friend Vicky Loras.
Again, as a roving reporter, I met some wonderful people with great ideas, Juliana Dudas from Hungary who remembers the great ideas in her talk, Dagmara Mathes-Sobocinska, 

working on emotional intelligence and social skills, my personal friend Aphrodite Gkiouris with her fantastic work in the classroom, Danny Singh with his revolutionary Laughter Yoga (although I messed his report up – just a little bit haha), I got a hug from the one and only Ken Wilson who knew who I am (LOL), enjoyed assisting on Luke Prodromou’s interview (always a delight to be around him) and got really wonderful ideas for my lessons.

As for my team’s workshop, I would like to personally thank Nikos Maragkos and Penelopi Tourtourea who believed in this project and worked hard to make it happen. The number of our attendees was not as high as expected, partly because we did not have the right exposure (I guess nobody realized that this was the first time something like this was happening in Greece) and secondly because teachers were afraid to get out of their comfort zones and try out something new.

I am not afraid of my ideas and I know that there are innovative people who will try them out and make the difference.  #keeponmoving team thank you one more time.

The highlight of the evening was of course that I got to spend two whole days with my best friend, my new sister Christina Chorianopoulou. Thank you girl, you rock!

Will I make it next year? We will see….
The end (for now)

Reports and interviews over here:


Marjorie Rosenberg said...

Lovely blog post Theodora. And wonderful memories of the conference as well.

Theodora Pap said...

It was so nice meeting you both in Athens and Thessaloniki dear Marjory! Hoping to start a a blog challenge after your wonderful plenary talk