Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Adventures: Part 5: Reading

Well, I just LOVE detective stories... (and series). everything that has to do with crime solving, mystery and detectives is my thing!!
I have read about "Snow white" sometime before Christmas and I decided to order the book. In German... since this was the original language.
I was supposed to finish it sometime during the Christmas holidays... 535 pages....

The story is really interesting. It is about a murder of two teenage girls, 11 years ago. The murderer was supposed to be their friend, Tobias, who got sentenced for the crime and got released.
When Tobias returns home, another girl disappears...
Is he to blame? Does the village know what happened? Was he the real killer indeed?

Unfortunately I had so much to do during the winter, so I kept on reading the first pages and then kept forgetting about it.
Now that I had some time off (so to say) - and while the rest of the family was at the beach (yes I do hate the beach), I gave my best to read the whole thing and I did!!

Next book on my list is "The witches of Smyrna" in Greek. It is not a detective story but has a lot of mystery into it!! Hopefully in my few days off, I will read most of it!!!!
What have you been reading lately?

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