Friday, May 16, 2014

261-263 Queen Olga’s avenue by Eleni G.


Every citizen of Thessalonica with an interest in the eerie and the unexplained has surely heard about the building at Queen Olga’s avenue, number 261-263. Or should I say «the haunted house»?

Its story begins in1919, when it was first- built. The construction was troublesome from the beginning because the second floor collapsed two times in the same year.                   Nowadays, although the second floor was restored it is still problematic at the same spots it collapsed back then. Also the rumours that surround the building, say that in the age of the German occupation it was used as a torturing place for the Judas and their wandering spirits haunt it ever since…

In the 8o’s, another macabre encounter reignited the controversial issue of the building. Two unfortunate contractors who agreed to destroy the building, died the same day they signed the papers, the one by a heart attack and the other in a car crash. It seems like spirits trapped in our dimension try to recompense for their death.

Another story is about a gypsy family which has rent the first floor as a temporary home. The same night they left in a hurry, because they heard screams and frightening noises coming from the rooms and the unsearched basement.

However, the most mysterious story of all remains the one of a photographer who wanted to take a picture of the famous «haunted house». But he couldn’t manage, because he felt an extremely acute pain on his stomach. Then he decided to tape sounds with a small voice recorder he always carried with him. Later, when he heard the recorded sounds he realised that
there was a 7 seconds blank. The next time he heard more closely he discerned steps creeping and whispers…

Nowadays the house is used as construction materials storage. From time to time, neighbours hear the wind howl and wail, making the windows rattle, crystals breaking and screams. The house looks like a skeletal corpse at night and people even avoid passing by it. But whichever the stories are, we probably won’t be able to enlighten the truth behind the ghostly house at 261-263 Queen Olga’s avenue…

                                                        Eleni G.

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