Monday, April 28, 2014

We're on the air-reflections

Now that the Virtual Round Table Conference is over, it's time to think... What did this all mean to me?

When I started with this project I was very enthusiastic about it! I did my best to find teachers who would be willing to participate, manage the group, try to find ideas.

The project is not a one-man-show (or woman), but, it was the result of a lot of teachers' and students' work.
Yes, it was my idea, no I don't consider it an original idea, there are a lot of various similar projects going around the world. I tried to coordinate as well as I could and the all the people who participated were very helpful and willing to help.

When I went to Athens to present our work, I was somehow disappointed. I didn't have much of an audience. The people who came were mostly friends, who came to support me and most of them already knew what I was going to present.

I was disappointed not because I am cocky or because I want fame and glory, I just wanted to show what these kids and their teachers (including myself) have managed to do.
We have managed to fight obstacles, technical problems, distance and build a wonderful community, where nobody is the "leader". We were all "equals", helping and supporting each other, no matter if some had more experience and education than others.

So after that, I was a bit hesitant to present the project again...
When Shelly asked me to participate in the VRT conference, I immediately agreed, mostly because I didn't want to let my wonderful global colleagues down.

I was afraid with the technology, I didn't know how to use adobe or blackboard or anything, I was terrified, but all the people in the VRT were really helpful, Heike, Marijana did their best to assist me!!!

I didn't actually expect so many people attending, I mean at one point we had 61-62 participants... Wow!!!!
I didn't expect comments from Shelly Terrell and Russel Stannard.... double wow!
So many mentions on Twitter and Facebook....
And the support and the kind words.... As I mentioned before, now I know what it feels to win the Oscar!!!
So a big thank you to everybody who participated, all the people who attended both in Athens and in the VRT, for your kind words... I have no more words...
You can find the recording to the webinar over here.
The slides to the presentation over here.
And the views of the amazing teachers who participated over here.

I'll be back really soon with something completely different!!!

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