Saturday, March 1, 2014

When things get tough, the tough get going!

Guest blog-post by Georgia Psarra

Two weeks left until our presentation and things are getting tough. The first challenge I had to encounter; how will I say the things I want to say?
I sat down and started writing… three hours later I was looking proudly at my notes…six pages crammed with asterisks, footnotes and scribbles. Armed with confidence I went on to the next stage preparing my PowerPoint; everybody has one in their presentation, don’t they? I really felt smart when I figured out how it works! I want it to have a nice, neat layout after all!
Now, I am at the stage of trying to coordinate the parts of my body, rehearsing the words (without notes!) and changing the PowerPoint pages on the projector. The last straw was when George asked me (very politely I must mention) to add his notes in the PowerPoint presentation so that it has consistency… Needless to say that he has already everything ready and he is thinking of our next project!

Georgia Psarra and George Raptopoulos are presenting at the TESOL Greece Convention 
You can find their interview at the TESOL blog over here!

Good luck!!!

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