Friday, December 20, 2013

11 Random facts

This morning when I woke up, I came across this blog by Vicky Loras - another blog challenge! Not exactly something to do with education, but I think it can be fun to share somethings about you.  I wasn't tagged in this particular blog, but when I looked at my Twitter account, I noticed that dear Shelly Terrell thought it would be a great idea for me to take part! So here I am!

The mission:
1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger(s).
2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
4. List 11 bloggers.
5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer, and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. Don’t nominate a blogger who has nominated you.

First of all I would like to say that I really admire Shelly for all her energy! I really don't know how she does it... When I met her in Athens in my first TESOL Greece Conference, I knew she was a very enthusiastic person, but still.... how do you manage to keep up girl???

Anyway back to the challenge:

Shelly's questions

  1. What is a goal you hope to accomplish from your bucket list?  I hope I will be able to do something more professionally - my own language school or find a job at a school, because I do miss working in a class!
  2. What is one goal you hope to accomplish in 2014? I would like to take part in a Spinning instructor course. Not that I want to change jobs, It's just something I LOVE and I want to try it.
  3. If you could host a reality TV show, what would it be about? A teacher competition! Something like a day in a teacher's life!!
  4. How do you blow off steam? I go to the gym! Fit & Boxe is my madness this period!
  5. What is one of your personal theme songs? Sing - My Chemical Romance (great lyrics!)
  6. What are you incredibly proud of accomplishing? The fact that people got to know my work is a big accomplishment for me!
  7. What was one of your favorite gifts? My iPhone case!! Everybody looks at it! It's so funny!
  8. How have you dealt with a past failure? When I fail I just complain, I cry sometimes, I talk about it A LOT and then I guess I get over it!!! Failures do make us better people I think!
  9. What is one piece of advice that has helped you throughout life? "don't be emotional" - Not that I always follow it, it just makes me realize that people mind their own business and I shouldn't get too much involved.
  10. What was your favorite toy when you were a child? My barbies! I loved dressing them!
  11. What’s your favorite piece of art? I just love Degas' Dancers

11 Random facts about me:

  1. I cannot drive a car. I think that my visual / spatial intelligence comes to zero.... 
  2. I am allergic to almost everything. Last year I have been to hospital at least 6 times for a cortisone shot! I eat only specific foods just for fear
  3. I am a dog person. I don't like cats at all! I like looking at them, but I would never have a cat as a pet!
  4. I am terrible at cooking. People who eat my food are real heroes.
  5. I love being on a plane. I don't know why, I just do!
  6. When I am home alone, the TV is always on! I don't watch, I just want the noise.
  7. I hate summer because I don't have anything meaningful to do!
  8. I hate going to the beach. I really find it boring to lie around and do nothing
  9. I am a very kinesthetic person, I have to move all the time or else I become really nervous
  10. That's why I always spend 2 hours at the gym every single day
  11. I have always wanted to visit Berlin! I think there is no better place to find all about Germany's history!
My questions:
  1. How important is music to your life?
  2. How much time do you devote in your job?
  3. Share a funny thing that happened in class.
  4. What does the word "educator" mean in your opinion?
  5. If you could learn anything, what would that be?
  6. What is your favourite movie?
  7. What do you fear the most?
  8. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
  9. What is your favourite word?
  10. What is your favourite digital app?
  11. Do you have any lucky items, objects or traditions?
My turn to tag:
  1.  Sophia Mavridi
  2. Sylvia Guinan
  3. David Kapuler
  4. Christina Chorianopoulou
  5. Maria Sachpazian
  6. Marisa Constantinides
  7. Kim Martin
  8. Roseli Sera
  9. Margarita Kosior
  10. Christina Markoulaki
  11. Rakesh Bhanot


Marisa Constantinides said...

Three cheers for taking up the challenge and tagging me - thanks so much dear Theodora - loved reading your 11 random facts and your questions


Unknown said...

Oh no, that's terrible about the allergies. I also would never have a cat as a pet. Thank you so much for participating! You should post this on the 30 Goals FB.

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

Ms Marisa, I was hesitating to tag you, knowing that you are always super busy, but I am glad you liked the challenge!
Dear Shelly thank you for the tag! It was fun doing it!!
I've put it up on the group as you said!!!

Unknown said...

I feel I know you much better now, Theodora. Thanks for sharing your pieces of life with us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Theodora,

Yay! I don't drive either : ) And I am allergic to lots of thing and I love moving around too : )

It is great to get to know more about you. Thank you for this post!

Fabiana Casella said...

It is always great to read you lovely Theo!!
Now...get ready for rock n roll!! I just tagged YOU!!
Looking forward to your answers!

Debbie said...

Hi Theodora,
I we have a few things in common. Driving, cats, planes, I am also kinaesthetic. I don't enjoy the beach that much, but I love swimming in warm oceans. I might have been a mermaid in another life, lol.
So sorry about your allergies.
I admire your devotion to keeping fit and healthy.
I am grateful for the 30 goals challenge which brought together

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this!

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