Friday, October 25, 2013

Scary story Challenge: Lesson plan

I would say that this particular lesson plan can be used with intermediate (and above) students.
The idea is to have the students produce language, using Halloween as an excuse!
I always use holidays, books, movies to be excellent chances to make my students speak or write, without having them ask "why should we actually do this?" or "we don't like the subject of the essay"

So, what I did first, is talk about Halloween, if they know the particular holiday, where it is celebrated, how it is celebrated and I have also found some really interesting worksheets (crosswords, drawings) to make it more interesting. Older students love playing games, too, by the way. 

Next step: Ask students if they like horror movies (believe me they do, even the ones who say they don't!!!) and have them brainstorm names of their favorite characters (e.g. Witches of Salem, Freddy Kruger, Jason)
What happens in the movie or the book?
You can also have them play charades with titles of their favorite movie. this can be lots and lots of fun.

Back to serious work, you have to make sure that they know how to write a story.
Set up the scene, describe what happens, what's the main event in the story and finally how it ends or how did it make you feel?
Very important is that the students know that a story must have a beginning, a middle and an end...
Also we can work with examples of narrative tenses.

Time for homework! students have to write a scary story!
I have already published some of my students' stories, but you could also have them read the stories in class and the others can vote what's the best story.
It would be a wonderful idea for a Halloween party in class.
What ever you do make sure you have fun!!!

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