Sunday, September 22, 2013

#30 Goals Challenge: Goal 16: Share a failure story

To tell you the truth, I wanted to skip this goal because I have already written a failure blog on an ELT blogging challenge and I didn't want to write about the same thing.
But something happened today and I wanted to write about it. A fellow colleague introduced me to a family last summer, who wanted English lessons for their son. My colleague had to go abroad for further studies, so she wanted to leave her student to someone she trusted (thank you so much for that)
So far so good.
We talked about lessons, we talked about the price the books and end of August they contacted me again, they even told me specific days and  even bought the books and we started lessons.

I had been working with this student for a couple of weeks. I tried to be as lenient as I could although he did make a lot of mistakes and he wasn't preparing they way he should. But since I was told that he was really sensitive, I didn't tell him off, I tried to explain to him what he should do, how he should study, I tried to be friendly and pleasant.
I talked to him about computer games, football teams, anything to make him feel comfortable. It is very important for me that kids trust me, so if there is any problem they feel free and come and tell me.
It's not that I am the perfect teacher... I am not. But I have never experienced problems with my students, especially with teenagers. I get along well with them. I communicate better
 with teens than with people my own age.

So, it came as a big surprise to me, when his mum called me today and told me that they would stop having lessons with me because we "didn't get along well with each other.

It's not as if I haven't had students leave. But they usually stop because they cannot afford it or because the time is not convenient or because they find the language difficult.
But I find it really frustrating, when they tell me after 2 weeks that they want to stop without a particular reason.
Not to mention that I did not take up more students because I had already made a schedule ..... (I was really counting on that money, I have a family to support, it's not like I just work for fun!)

I consider it as a personal failure because I really do not know what happened and if I did something wrong or if they didn't like something about my teaching, I think I deserve to know.

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