Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 Goals Challenge: Goal 8 Extend the conversation #30GoalsEdu

When I saw the first 9 challenges, I immediately knew what I am going to write about....
I admit that every single of my posts has a connection to each other, it is just when I think what to write about on thing, another idea pops in mind. Something like that happens in my everyday life as well. For example, when I am on the bus going to my lessons, listening to music as always, I hear a song or I see something and suddenly I have a new lesson idea!

Anyway back to my Goal number 8: Extend the conversation. Well,  I'll be extending a lesson plan (which has to do with Goal 7 as well!!)
Working on Goal 5, I created a presentation about myself on power point. That's when it came to me.
If I can do this, my students can do it better!!
So why not create a pecha kutcha presentation about various subjects?
It doesn't have to be 6:20 minutes or  lots of speakers. The only drawback is that students have to be B2 level at least to take part)

For example:
The class has a specific subject in the coursebook, i.g. Tourism
Divide them into groups of 2 or 3 and give them sub-categories to work on.
1st group:
  • Difference between tourist and traveller
  • Benefits of tourism to the land
  • Benefits of tourism to the tourists themselves
Second group:
  • Disadvantages of tourism to the land
  • Jobs that are created through tourism
  • Theme vacations
Third group:
  • Suggestions where to go in our case in Greece ( the homeland of the students)
  • Is it important for the tourists to know about the civilization of the visited country and why?
After the presentations the class can have a discussion on the particular subject.
This was only an example, we can have presentations like this every time we want to introduce new vocabulary to the students.
You could also invite parents to the event. That way they can see their children's progress.


Shelly Terrell said...

You have so many great ideas posted. I love the Pecha Kecha idea and also how you're focusing on your learners and what they can do! Thank you for sharing.

Theodora Pap said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! To tell you the truth I don't like theories so much, that's why I try to be practical with my students and be active!