Sunday, April 14, 2013

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Anne Frank's Diary - By Helen Goura

This book is the real story of a Jewish young girl, Anne and her family who were forced to stay hidden in a tiny house for two years, because they were persecuted by the Nazis. It takes place in Holland, at the house they were living with her parents, her sister Margot, the Van Daan family and Mr Dousel.
Anne is the youngest girl there. In spite of her age, she is smart and very knowledgeable. But no one at the house appreciates her skills. Everybody believes that she is spoiled and ill-mannered. Except for her father, Pim. Anne really loves him. She never fights with him like she does with her mum and Mrs Van Daan. That's why she wrote a diary. Because she believes that the paper is more "patient" and she breaks out in writing.
But someone betrayed them. The Nazis caught them and sent them to Auschwitz. They all die except for her father who is later set free, finds the manuscript and publishes it.
If you enjoy a good read, this is a highly entertaining novel. The characters are familiar and their behavior is close to the reader.  their condition is very touching and in some parts it makes you want to cry. I truly recommend it to children and adults alike. You won't be able to put it down!!

Helen is an Intermediate level student and this is the beginning of my new student-project. It will not be just book and movie reviews, though.

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