Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working with songs - part 3

When taking exams, students are asked to look for specific information, especially in the reading and listening parts.
This is something really difficult, and the technique has to be taught to them.
So one great idea, especially for the selective listening comprehension, is to use songs with really fast pace, songs that are hard to understand without having the lyrics in front of you.

What you have to do is:
Take some words of the song and mix them with some similar words in meaning or with homophones (like "peace" -"piece")

In our case:
  • population
  • immigration
  • games
  • tames
  • hurry
  • marry
  • furries
  • fight
  • bright
  • light
  • plight
  • crush
  • blood
  • world
  • word

Have the students find out which words are mentioned while listening to the song.

This particular song is also great as introduction to lessons having to do with the destruction of the environment. You could start a coversation about environmental problems and have students write an essay (or look for more information on the internet possible solutions, enviromental orgamizations etc)

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