Saturday, December 31, 2011

Working with songs - part one

One of the songs I've been working on these last weeks, is "If that were me"
It is a wonderful song talking about homeless people.

Lesson Plan

Students listen to the song and try to write down all the "Wh- questions"

Compare what the students have noted and then ask them what the song is about, who is the singer talking to and finaly if they have experienced a situation like this.

Next step: Brainstorm vocabulary about "Poverty". You can use "Mind Maps" and colourful markers to make things more interesting.

I have also found some great worksheets on the internet if you have time to continue the discussion. Here and here.

There are so many songs to go on on this subject like


What I did with these two particular songs is to find and their stories on Wikipedia and cut them into paragraphs, and let students find which part goes where. They can work alone or in groups.

As homework they could make a poster or an article talking about poverty in the world or in their own country.


Anonymous said...

I remember that my English teacher used song for lessons, too. Whenever there was a song most of us liked or listened we work through it and translated it.

Christina Markoulaki said...

Got plenty of ideas Dora thanks to you! Keep sharing with us- we appreciate it greatly!

P.S. I am sure you derive all your inspiration from a brand new Macbook Air! :-)