Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick or treat??

Like every year .... Halloween is one of my most favourite American holidays and I really enjoy activities with my students this time of the year. After all we don't only teach the language, but also the culture of the countries this language is spoken!!
So what do you do to celebrate and also teach your students about Halloween?
Do they already know something about it?
You can easily find info on various sites about this holiday , maybe you can describe what it is about, in lower levels even in your own language.
  • With younger students, you an even teach shapes, colours and "festive" vocabulary. I am sure they will love colouring pages, you can them cut everything out, hang them on the windows or curtains, you can even tell your students to go from one classroom to the other and "trick or treat"!!!
  • You can even dedicate some time to have a Halloween party, have them dress up in scary or funny costumes. They don't have to actually buy a costume, just put a witch hat or a mask, or wrap them with toilet paper (like mummies!!!!)
  • Older students can do something more creative than costumes of course!!! You can ask them to describe their favourite scary story, write about it and then change the characters! So for example if you have a vampire story and a zombie story, put the vampire into the zombie story and vice versa and then write a new story!!
  • Ask them to make their own ghost! Draw it and then write its story! When they are done, they can interview eachother, like a TV show! You can even record them like a real TV show!
  • Scary (or not too scary movies) is a great idea also, if you have the time. Prepare a questionnaire for the students, which they can fill out during the movie!!
  • You can als find lots of online activities. I use the British Council site, they always offer fantastic ideas!!
And ... Don't forget!! HAVE FUN!!

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