Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Impressions of the TESOL start of the year Symposium

I really don't know where to start... I have been planning to go to Athens for this since Easter!
Going to Athens is always a pleasant experience. It was nice to see and meet friends and collegues as always, but it was also interesting to hear about new things about teaching.
This time's subject of the Symposium was "Literature and Drama in the Classroom"

First speaker, Jeanne Perrett, always in a good mood showing us examples of how to use drama techniques in the classroom. We acted, sang and danced. (we practised role-play, mime, movement, voice, ritual, using props, costumes, naration, singing, dancing and performed in the end). It is always fun to try everything before actually using it in the classroom!
After all "Drama takes us into another world"

Second speaker Dr. Vasilios Zorbas, explainining the Transactional Theory of Reading Literature (sorry if I don't write it correctly) - collaborative Conversations in the EFL Classroom.
The idea was to read literature in groups, taking notes directly on the text, exchanging texts and opinions. A really interactive idea...

Next Speaker Prof. Lianna Sakelliou with Creative writing, showed us the importance in Creativity and how to use and create different kinds of poems in the classroom. Some of the poems were really beautiful and I intend to do a project with my students as well!

The next speaker Michael Onushco talked to us about Fostering Creativity in Children gave us great ideas like word pictures, creating riddles, making books and much more.

Last was Lee Robson with "Theatre games and improvisation" - I am sure that it must have been really interesting but... I would have missed my flight if I stayed!!

Until next time...

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