Thursday, March 26, 2009

Songs in the classroom

Lately I have been working with all kinds of songs in the classroom, thanks to the language school I work this year and their programme.
So, how can they help?
Does the traditional gap fill excersise do any good?
Do we need to use songs only as listening comprehension?
What I found out in the last few weeks ... the answer is ... no!
I noticed the enthusiasm of my students while making videoclips on some songs...
They actually learned the words by heart and because it was difficult to remember everything, they looked their unknown vocabulary up in the dictionary!!!
They sang, they danced, they even prepared small sketches on the situation the songs presented!
We're talking about language comprehension, language production and having fun at the same time!!
The problem here is Greece though is that all Language schools and their methods are usually exam-oriented! People (usually parents) do not understand that the target is learning to use the foreign language and not getting a certificate!!!

PS. I will try and post videos of my students soon


Hellenic Potion said...

I congratulate you for your interest and your creativity! I wish my kids have teachers like you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with hellenic above.So nice to have teachers with a spirit to try something new and exciting.My girls are grown but this would of been fun!Im new to your blog I remember you from 360.I was looking for greeks who post in english as dont know how to read greek Iam half greek.Nice to visit your page!kalispera!