Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New student project

Well, this year we have not done much progress on the project area, mostly due to my load of work at the school - but I will never give up!!!

I 've had a couple of ideas on my mind and talked about them with my students.
The idea is to bring the little reporter out of them about things that interest them, thing that are happening in their lives right now...

So, the first thing that came to my mind was ... young people in Greece and everything that has to do with them:

School & Educational system

So I let them decide which subject they are going to choose and what they are going to do about it. It can be anything: interviews, pictures, videos, articles, research, with the one condition that it would be in the language they're learning.

I am looking forward to see the results of this one - I've never given them so much "freedom" before.
As always, I am not going to correct any mistakes...


anemos5 said...

οι μαθητές σου??ωχχ ζιζάνια.....είδα το ποηγούμενο με τα παιδάκια με τις σημαίες και συγκινήθηκα θεοδώρα θέλω να μάθω γερμανικά σοβαρά θα σε πληρώσω αντικαταβολή και δεν κάνω πλάκα καλησπέρα

dorapap said...

mathimata online? Kali fasi!!!