Sunday, October 12, 2008

Exam changes

Cambridge changes

In the Written Exams from December 08 it is going to be Paper 1,2,3,4 (Reading first) in all Cambridge certificates.

From March 09

KET and PET candidates who fail will get a certificate stating their CEFR level namely A1, A2

November 09

Computer Based FCE will be introduced internationally. It will start with 6 sessions per year and gradually it will go to one sitting per month.

The new ECPE Speaking Test

· The test will be effective June 2009 and it concerns students who will be attending our September to May 09 Michigan Proficiency courses.

· The test has been designed to elicit spoken language presentative to C2

· It will be lasting up to 25 minutes.

1. Introduction

2. Candidate interaction: summarizing given feedback and presenting arguments to each other.

3. Candidate Interaction: Reaching an agreement

4. Presenting chosen argument to Examiner

5. Joint task: Supporting chosen argument

Examiner 1: guides and gives instructions in Phase 1 to 4

Examiner 2: participates in Phase 4 and 5

Examiners are active only in Phase 1 and 5

There will be a five band rating scale A, B, C (pass), D, E (fail)

Students failing the orals of the ECPE technically fail the whole exam.

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