Sunday, August 10, 2008

Museum day today!

It is really strange - most people who live in a city have never visited its various sites! I thought it was about time to change all that and decided to actually go to some places and find out more about my hometown!

Last week it was the archaeological museum, where we found out about various aspects of the culture which developed in Macedonia, starting from prehistory until the first Christian centuries.

This week it goes to the Byzantine Museum which presents art, ideology, social structure and religion as well as political and everyday life during the byzantine years.

Both museums are really worth visiting...

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Anonymous said...

I think you are right Dora. I have not been for ages to any museums in my hometown. But I like you I want to go there, but never make it. I think I know my hometown very well, but some places I visit too less. At the moment a new museum is building and it will be add with another one. But I really should go to the others soon.