Friday, August 8, 2008

How do you spend your time on the beach?

I am the lazy type!!! I could spend hours and hours reading, solving crossword puzzles or just gazing at the water and the people...

(This time I was actually lesson planning... I found some great articles I could use in my lessons... My students... beware!! I am working for you even on holiday!!!)

How about you? Are you the lazy type like me?
Or do you prefer something more active?


Lily said...

Όχι καρδιά μου...Τι active? Τελείως αραχτή είμαι στην παραλία, με το ζόρι σέρνομαι να μπω στην θάλασσα! Ααααα, κάπου κάπου κάνω και σεξ για αλλαγή :P!

Anonymous said...

I am more the lazy type, too. Of course, i take the chance to swim in the ocean a bit (remember I only see the beach if I am in Greece) but for the rest of time I am reading a book like you. But I do not read " Der Spiegel" :-) Funny, do you know that the music show "Pop Idol" is called in Germany "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". That's why "Der Spiegel" choosed this title.