Sunday, July 20, 2008

10 annoying things about me

These past few days I have realized some things about me that I find really annoying!!!

  1. I suck at bowling
  2. I am terrible at roller-skating
  3. I will never learn how to ride a bike
  4. I have a car-phobia
  5. I don't know how to cook!
  6. I will never stop complaining
  7. I am addicted to internet
  8. I am getting attached to people and open up very easily
  9. I get up very early in the morning even if I have slept at 3 am the previous night!
  10. I get upset too easily!

So, what do you find annoying about me? Be honest and I promise I won't get offended!


Anonymous said...

ok here it comes.well 1)I found that you complaining about things more than what you should & that makes you stressed to easily. 2)You jumb from the one subject to another in seconds without warning and that is so fricking anoying,but because i love you i dont care that much no the begining it was soooooooooooo f.... anoying but now i know you and i love you the way you are
but ufcors is still anoying.lmao lmao lmao!!!!!!
~your sis~

Lily said...

Χαχα, ελληνικά θα στα γράψω...
Λοιπόν, το λες και μόνη σου, και στο έχω ξαναπεί!
1)Γκρινιάζειςςςςς! Πολύ ενοχλητικό, και δεν ξέρω αν σε βοηθάει αυτό.
Δεν λέω ότι όλα είναι ωραία και καλά..Όλοι έχουμε χίλια προβλήματα, αλλά δεν ξέρω αν η μουρμούρα βοηθάει. Πράξεις θέλει...
2)Όντως έχεις κολλήσει με το internet! Γιατί? Αυτό σου δημιουργεί εκνευρισμό και μεγαλύτερη μουρμούρα! Χέστα όλα και get a life!
3)Θες την προσοχή αλλά κατά κάποιο τρόπο παραμένεις κλεισμένη, με αποτέλεσμα και πάλι την μουρμούρα για να την πετύχεις την προσοχή...Αν θέλεις να χρησιμοποιείς το net για να τραβήξεις την προσοχή, κάνε το, όλοι το ίδιο κάνουμε, αλλά κάνε το σωστά! Γίνε πιο κοινωνική, βγες, διάβασε blogs κάνε σχόλια σε όλους, γέλα, παίξε...
Η γνώμη μου είναι, δεν σημμαίνει ότι έχω και δίκιο, οκ? Και ελπίζω να μην σε στεναχώρησα...

Anonymous said...

What I find annoying about you ? OK ..let me think ...You are too good, too kind with people ...even with those who have occasionally hurt you


Alice said...

Dearest friend Theodora...
If I took your list, it would be like this:
1. I don't care a thing about bowling
2. Roller skating? ehh? Do I want to break my bones? :)
3. Bike - I learnt that at age 8. From age 16 to 25 I rode a motorbyke, for that is ;)
4. LOL - I unfortunately have no car, but when I get behind the wheel of some rented car, I can drive 24h/24h.. *grin*
5. Cook? Do you mean that what my husband has been doing for the past 28 years? Preparing meals?? What should be annoying about that... It's MUCH healthier this way for the whole family... Btw. if I find myself home alone, I just don't eat because I'm far too lazy to prepare a sandwich or something complicated around. I mostly feed myself on cookies - if the kids leave me some... :D
6. Never stop complaining - what's annoying about that?? LOL
7. Addicted to the internet... uhmm... me too! In fact, here we're 4 addicts using ONE SINGLE computer... A most TERRIBLE SITUATION, as you can imagine..
8. open up easily... OMG! I'm as open as a book who's pages would be flying in the wind...
9. Get up early? NO WAY! Best time scedule for me is wake from 2 pm to 4 am.. very practical for work, isn't it?? *grin*
10. Upset too easily - surely not as much as me..
RESULT: I can't find ANYTHING ANNOYING about you, my friend :D

Anonymous said...

Dear , nobody is perfect probaly many people share "yours" annoying things.
Real friends accept others the way they are,
By the way: # 1,6,7,8,9, apply for me too


Anonymous said...

Dear Theodora IF you rub off No 6 (bad habit) No 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10 it wiil vanish Then you will be a Normal and sweet Sensitive Person
( As i am sure you are)


Anonymous said...

its sad for your own sake that you cant ride a bike . *LOL *
its so freedomy to go by bike ...
but i rather walk. *grin *

have a gergous day sweetie

hugs Kerstin